Заграничные мероприятия

г. Лондон, 15.03.2018 - 16.03.2018
The 12th World Hematologists Congress is going to be held in London, UK on March 15-16, 2018. This congress is expected to be the largest and best platform for all the scientists, Hematologists, oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, nurses, research scholars, business professionals, students who are working in the field of Hematology and Blood Disorder. Theme: Defining a New Outlook and Forefront Research in Hematology
г. Атланта, 18.07.2018 - 19.07.2018
We are happy to invite you to attend the CME Accredited 25th Annual Cardiology Conference going to be held in Atlanta, USA during July 18-19, 2018 organized by ConferenceSeries Ltd that will bring together world-class cardiac professors, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists to discuss strategies for remediation of the disease for the heart, cardiac disorders, research on stem cells in cardiology, cardiac enzyme studies. Cardiology conferences are designed to provide a diversified education and present that will keep medical professionals informed of issues related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This time Cardiology Conference will be organized around the theme "With a healthy heart, the beat goes on"
г. Дублин, 13.08.2018 - 14.08.2018
Theme: Materialize Interventions on Pediatric Heart Disease and Health